Aboriginal Child Protection Process (flow chart)

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This poster gives a step-by-step overview of the Aboriginal child protection process and the rights of Aboriginal children and families. The poster:
  • informs Aboriginal parents of their right to get a lawyer as soon as they've been contacted by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (or an Aboriginal delegated agency) about a child protection issue, and
  • includes how to contact legal aid to find out if you qualify for a free lawyer.

This revised flow chart now includes other legal options after a continuing custody order has been issued. An older version of this flow chart still appears in Parents' Rights, Kids' Rights, which has a chapter for Aboriginal families.

Note: If printing, use 11x17 paper.

See also: Understanding Aboriginal Child Protection/Removal Matters, Understanding Court Orders and Hearings, Understanding Aboriginal Delegated Agencies, Aboriginal Child Protection Wallet Card

Find out more about Aboriginal legal rights in BC on the Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website.

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