Giving Testimony in Supreme Court

A 5½-minute video describing how to prepare your spoken testimony, present it in Supreme Court, and respond to questions from the judge and the other party.

Extras: transcript

How to Use the New Supreme Court Family Forms

A 10-minute video that provides technical instructions on how to open, fill out, and save the most complicated of the new Supreme Court forms that were introduced on July 1, 2010.

Important: Some of the PDF forms may not open in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or other browsers. If the form won't load properly, save the PDF file (right click and choose "Save target as" or "Save link as"), and open it using Acrobat Reader on your computer.

Extras: transcript

An Inside Look at Family Mediation

An 8½-minute video excerpted from a 2-DVD set created by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. Using the fictional case of Dean and Saya, a couple separating after 17 years of marriage, this video introduces mediation in family law cases and how it works.

The complete DVD can be ordered from the Continuing Legal Education Society website.

Extras: transcript

An Introduction to Supreme Court

A 4½-minute video that provides information for the day you go to court, including what to bring and how to navigate the courthouse. Also shows what the inside of a Supreme Court family courtroom looks like, and describes the roles of those present.

Extras: transcript

Questioning witnesses in a Supreme Court trial

A 5½-minute video that gives tips for using witnesses as evidence in a Supreme Court family law trial, including choosing your witnesses, planning your questions, and the procedure at trial. Also discusses the cross-examination process.

Extras: transcript

Ruptura del Contrato de Esponsoramiento

A 4½-minute video in Spanish about sponsorship breakdown. Depicts the fictional case of Susana, a woman in an abusive relationship, who learns from her coworker Anita that she can leave her abusive husband without fear of losing her permanent residence status.

Extras: Spanish transcript, English transcript

Scheduling and preparing for a Supreme Court trial

A 4½-minute video that presents an overview of the steps leading up to a Supreme Court family law trial, including scheduling a trial, attending a Trial Management Conference, and filing and serving the necessary documents.

Extras: transcript

Selected Topics in Family Law

An 11½-minute video excerpted from "Helping Clients Prepare Divorce Documents That Don't Bounce," a workshop by lawyer J.P. Boyd at the October 2006 LSS Provincial Training Conference for Legal Advocates.

Extras: transcript

Solicitudes Internas de Esponsoramiento

A 6½-minute video in Spanish about making a sponsoring application within Canada. Depicts the fictional case of a recently married couple, Roxana (a Canadian) and Emilio (a Chilean), who can't bear to be apart. They go to see their lawyer, Tomas, who tells them that they can apply for Emilio's permanent residency from within Canada.

Extras: Spanish transcript, English transcript

Using documents in a Supreme Court trial

A 7½-minute video that provides information on using documents as evidence in a Supreme Court family law trial and how to introduce exhibits both with and without a witness.

Extras: transcript

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